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“All nations will come and worship before you."

- Revelations 15:4

Yoruba of Europe

People Group Info

Total Population: 158,000

ROP3 Code: 111095
IMB Affinity Group: Sub-Saharan African Peoples
Affinity Bloc: Sub-Saharan African
People Cluster: Yoruba
Language: Yoruba - (yor)
Religion: Ethnic Religions
Country of Origin: Nigeria

Photo courtesy of Joshua Project.
By Marta Schmidt

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Majority Located Where

  Greater London, United Kingdom - 10,100

Yoruba diaspora are found all over the world especially in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Cuba, Brazil, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

For Europe, the United Kingdom overwhelmingly is home to the largest population (98,000) with minority populations (60,000) residing in other European countries.

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Brief Profile

The Yoruba people are from southwestern and north central Nigeria as well as southern and central Benin in West Africa. In Africa, they number over 40 million making them one of the largest people groups in Africa.

Originally, their language, Yoruba, was transmitted via oral traditions. Hence, stories are very much a part of their cultural practices and interactions with one another. Music and drumming play a significant role in the transmission of cultural stories and traditions.

Their colorful dress and clothing is intertwined with their culture. Moreover, it distinctly signifies their unique cultural identity as compared to other African peoples.

The majority of Yoruba are Christians or Muslims. Many also practice the principles and practices of traditional religious beliefs. Christians adhere to many different denominations. Both Christians and Muslims celebrate traditional festival more as a cultural event than a religious in order to celebrate their people's history.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for evangelical Yoruba to share Christ with Yoruba who adhere to Islam or to traditional religion.
  • Pray that God will call out Christians to minister among Yoruba Muslims and those that practice their traditional religion.

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Country City Metro Area Name Baseline Population
United KingdomLondonGreater London10,100