Chinese have resided in Europe for many years but many are arriving on a monthly basis with ...

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Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany as well as one of its 16 states.

features People Group Strategic Needs

The following pie charts reflect real-time current status of people groups. Hover over the charts/graphs and click on the pop-up window links to learn more about a specific people group.

PG* (People Group) is the largest group through which the gospel can flow without encountering significant barriers of understanding and acceptance.

UPG* (Unreached People Group) is when the percentage of evangelical Christians in the people group is less than 2 percent.

UUPG* (Unengaged Unreached People Group) is Unreached plus there is no intentional church planting strategy being implemented.

Strategic Needs


  • Become Aware - Who are the unreached diaspora people of Europe? From where did they come? What language do they speak? In what metro areas do they reside? These are a few questions that answers.

  • Get Involved - Help clarify the picture of unreached diaspora peoples in Europe by becoming an editor or moderator.

  • Live Missions - Consider intentionally engaging an unreached diaspora people in Europe. Pray for unreached diaspora peoples residing in European countries and specific metro areas.
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  • Webinars - register for a webinar in order to become equipped in ways for finding unreached peoples in Europe and in making disciples and planting churches among unreached diaspora European peoples.

    Webinars are interactive, participant-centered, hands-on events designed to meet the needs of your church and European metro areas.

    Webinars deal with various topics (e.g. Buddhism in Europe, Hinduism in Europe, Islam in Europe, Using to Mobilize Christians, etc). Practitioners with years of experience lead webinars.
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