How to Use this Site

  • Finding and Viewing on the Map a Specific People Group (PG).

    Click on the "Explore Map" menu button and then in the Map Filter window enter the name of the "People Group" or a "Metro Area", and press “GO”.

  • Finding Specific Points of Interest (POIs).

    In the "Map Filters" area, then click "expand Map Filters".  At the bottom of the Expanded Map Filters, use the "Select Places Type" pull-down box, then "check all" or check a specific type of "POIs".

  • Filtering PGs and POIs.

    In the "Expanded Map Filters" area, category Nationality and Religion pull-down box filters allow for refining searches. As examples ...

    To view only the "Vietnamese" PG and only "Vietnamese Buddhist Temples" - For "Select Places Type" only check "Buddhist Temple," then check only "Vietnamese" in the "200 Nationalities Selected" pull-down box. In the "Search for People Groups" box, type "Vietnamese" and then click "GO".

    To view only "Southeast Asian" People Groups who adhere to "Islam" - In the "Search for People Groups" box, type "Southeast Asian" and then click "GO". Then check only "Islam" in the "8 Religions Selected" pull-down box.

  • To Start a new Search.

    In the "Map Filters" window area, click on the reset button

  • Markers for People Groups (PGs) and Points of Interest (POIs).

    The number indicates the count within a specific geographical area. Clicking on a marker will open a "Details" window with more information.

    Point of Interest Markers

    Buddhist Temple

    Consulate / Embassy

    Ethnic Apartment / Neighborhood

    Ethnic Association

    Ethnic Business

    Ethnic Market / Grocery

    Ethnic Restaurant

    Hindu Temple

    Islamic Mosque

    Jewish Synagogue

    Other Sacred Point of Interest

    Refuge Agency

    Shinto Shrine

    Ethnic School/Institution

    Jain Temple

    Sikh Temple