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“All nations will come and worship before you."

- Revelations 15:4

Japanese of Europe

People Group Info

Total Population: 171,950

ROP3 Code: 104189
IMB Affinity Group: East Asian Peoples
Affinity Bloc: East Asian Peoples
People Cluster: Japanese
Language: Japanese - (jpn)
Religion: Ethnic Religions - Shintoism
Country of Origin: Japan

Majority Located Where

  Greater London, United Kingdom - 17,050

  Ruhr, Germany - 10,413

  Munich, Germany - 5,884

  Stuttgart, Germany - 3,699

  Berlin, Germany - 3,455

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Brief Profile

The Japanese diaspora often tend to maintain their unique social, cultural, and linguistic identity (especially if they themselves emigrated from Japan. They, traditionally, take pride in their education, homes, families, and work. Most are well-educated and accustomed to working long hours.

Although Japanese practice Buddhism, Shintoism permeates their culture and lifestyle. Literally meaning "the way of the gods," Shintoism is reflected in the arts, architecture, garden designs, and even cartoons (anime and manga). Shintoism and Buddhism are often seen through rituals such as marriages or funerals, and not through faithful worship. However, many Japanese appear more secular, seeking materialism more than traditional Shinto ways, and this secular shift in perspective is beginning to make its way back to their home country of Japan.

There are pockets of Japanese people who practice evangelical Christianity. Nevertheless, as a whole Japanese are still an unreached people group with less than 2% following evangelical Christianity.

Prayer Points

  • For churches to assess the local Japanese community to understand the different needs of each Japanese generation.
  • For the discovery of persons of peace within Japanese families.
  • For Christians to encounter Japanese in their natural settings (e.g. restaurants, golf course, etc.).

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Country City Metro Area Name Baseline Population
United KingdomLondonGreater London17,050
GermanyMülheim an der RuhrRuhr10,413